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The Deerfield Beach Historical Society was established in 1973 by volunteers dedicated to preserving Deerfield’s history for future generations. They collected and preserved vintage photographs and picture postcards, the area’s earliest newspapers and magazines, original letters and diaries, and early maps, surveys, and government documents. Today the Society is proud to have four local sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  They are: The Old School Museum, 1920; The Butler House, 1923; Deerfield Beach Elementary, 1926 and the Deerfield Train Station, 1926.

Deerfield Beach Documentary

“Deerfield Days,” a 64-minute documentary captures the tales of its early settlers, offers a peek into the past and reveals how rugged pioneers turned muck and swampy creeks into arable farmland, tracking the city’s progress to a thriving tourist economy and a flourishing community of 60,000 residents. See the 8 minute trailer:

Historical Society receives grant
from the American Association of Museums!

The Deerfield Beach Historical Society is proud to have been awarded the Museum Assessment Program (MAP) grant offered through the American Association of Museums (AAM). All MAP grant recipients must complete an intense self-study work book. The work book takes approximately four months to complete. Upon completion of the work book, a representative from AAM performs a site-visit (or survey) of the museum, observing staff and board members then issues a report to AAM. AAM in turn forwards the report to the museum. The purpose of the report is to provide the museum with information on how their operations measure up to standards and best practices in the field, with ideas on how to address current challenges, and what resources might be of help to them.